Saturday, January 1, 2011

My daughters and their husbands and kids!

Don't you just love the temple:)

Fun in the conference room at the church office!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A couple of months ago I went with my daughter and her husband who had a business trip in San Fransisco so I went with them and their 3 children. We went to Fishermans warf and looked across the water to Alcatraz and also went across the golden gate bridge. we also went to china town and bought funny little head massagers and bread from the bakery. My grandaughter was having a little fit about something and one of the little china ladies immitated her bad behavior which made my grandaughter stop immediately what she was doing. We also ate lunch there at a park while the children played with the toys. The park was full of pigeons wanting our lunch. Another day we went to half moon bay and there was an eighty foot dead whale washed up on shore. It had been there for two weeks so it was somewhat decomposed and stinky. It was a tremendous sight. I touched it with my foot. I had shoes on of course.
Christmas was very fun and busy. We had a couple of fun family parties. One was a swedish Christmas party because of our heritage and we also had a program about our Savior with musical numbers from each family unit. Our church ward had a Christmas breakfast with a nice program. All in all it was a great holiday season.
Our daughter Aubrey and husband Jess who already have one little boy are now expecting twin boys in May and we about fainted when we found out. There are several sets of twin boys in our family tree so it shouldn't be such a surprise really. We are excited at the same time.
The snow piled up so quickly after a huge storm yesterday. At the same time a crown on a back tooth of mine has come loose, I have a feeling this tooth might have to be pulled. It feel terrible and I feel like pulling it myself. Our dentist is not back till the new year and in the meantime it hurts . This is like the third crown of mine to have this problem. I really need some tooth implants. Some day I hope. I guess I have to have something fall apart as part of turning 50 soon. I guess there could always be worse things. Grandkids are fighting downstairs and lots of crying is going on. Hopefully things get back to normal next week.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Heidi has gone back to college at BYU Idaho and we are happy for her but worried at the same time. Her balance ism't perfect but she is well enough on her way. Rachel is back in high school and is working hard at getting good grades and cheering for the football games. All the girls are here with their children so it's a little wild right now. I've been working on crafts for our next boutique which will be Wednesday Thursday and Friday of this week at a neighbors home. It should be a blast. My sister Becky has a set of twin boys who are getting married that same morning one right after the other in the Salt Lake temple this Friday and I am going, yahoo! I am glad that it is getting to be fall now even though it means winter is around the corner. It was a little cooler today and there were some dark clouds that rolled by dropping a few showers and cooled the air down a little which made it feel really nice. Well I better finish working on dinner. I have a spaghetti squash in the oven and Craig is going to grill some stakes out back. It should be yummy.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our daughter Sarah and her hubbie just had their third baby. A dark haired little angel baby girl.
Her name is Camille. Her older sister said she was so full of happiness inside that she did not know what to do with it.
We went to Denver Colorado this past weekend to attend a nephews missionary farewell for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We got there a couple of days before the meeting and enjoyed a nice visit. The farewell meeting was great and we are all so happy for Cole. We had yummy food after wards and then headed back to Utah.
We had another grandbaby who was born just two weeks after the last one. It's another beautiful baby girl and her name is Ava Nicole. She has lots of brown hair and a turned up nose just like her mother. Those two girl cousins will love having each other. Craig and I and another couple who are our friends just returned from a fun Mexican cruise. We rode bikes to a little town and visited shops and a little village. On another day we went to some fabulous beaches. We saw noisy seals piled on rocks and a variety of brilliant colorful fish while taking a wild ride on a small boat. The water was extremely choppy with big waves but so very aqua blue. We swam at a lovely beach and enjoyed the gorgeous senery. Happy to be back home though.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

on Sunday our family sang in sacrament meeting. It was me, Craig, Heidi, Rachel, Sarah, Randall,and Amber. It was frightfully scary to do this but we did it. The song was "Come Come Ye Saints". The song in a way reflected what our family has been through this past year.
My grandaughter for some odd reason pressed her top and bottom lip on a hot pan right out of the oven with pizza on it. She cried and wailed for three hours. Luckily she healed in a week, but in the meantime it cured her from sucking her thumb. A bad thing but at least a good thing came out of it.
We went to Idaho this last weekend. We visited Heidi's surgeon that had operated on her a year ago. He was very nice to visit with us and seemed pleased at Heidi' recovery. We told him that we were thankful that he saved Heidi's life. We also visited friends and family there and the president of BYU Idaho and other church BYU leaders there. Heidi bore her testimony in sacrament meeting of her old ward . Over all we had a very nice trip.